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Mourning in America*

As some of you celebrate the anniversary of American independence on Monday, I’ll be grieving over her demise. On this birthday, the United States of America are each and all withering away…poisoned from within…and patriots like me can only stand by and watch our Nation as her death throes overtake her.

One need not spend too much time reading or watching the news to see that the noble experiment which is government by and for the people is clinging to life by a thread. From our city governments to our “representatives” in Washington, D.C., we the people have elected a gang of thugs who haven’t the first clue about our history, our constitution or even the concept of democracy. They have turned what was a wildly successful representative republic into a socialist state and – as some of us know - socialism simply doesn’t work.

I heard the pundits yesterday chatting about “entitlements.” These particular talking heads were discussing Social Security and Medicare. They spoke of changes which MUST come to these programs for the elderly if our country is ever to escape insolvency. Huh? What about the other entitlements…you know, the ones enjoyed by hale and hearty youngsters. I’m talking about Federally funded housing. I’m talking about welfare. I’m talking about food stamps.

Maybe living in Aberdeen, Mississippi has made me a little sensitive about these programs.

To know that probably half the people living in HUD housing in Aberdeen could not qualify to do so if somebody – anybody – would actually audit the applications or enforce the rules, makes my blood boil. Having worked for HUD and also having managed housing units subsidized by that agency, I KNOW the laws are being broken but nobody gives a rip. Grandma may need and deserve the roof which HUD provides, but her children (leeches all) and their children who also live there do not. For Pete’s sake, get a job and get off Granny’s back!

Each of Granny’s parasites is “entitled” to a welfare check. I’m not sure why. Perhaps because we big-hearted Americans cannot abide the thought of children in need. Therefore, we clothe them all and treat their little boo-boo’s leaving Mom’s welfare check freed up for the payment on her new Escalade.

We have created several generations of people who do not have to work in order to provide little essentials like a roof over their heads, so it follows that when they carry their bag of borrowed receipts to the nice folks as the food stamp office, their outlay greatly overshadows their income.  They instantly qualify for maximum benefits. (In the interest of full disclosure, I was on food stamps just three short years ago when I was undergoing chemotherapy and my barber husband had both of his arms in casts…I needed the help and I got it. When our situation improved, I cut up my card and went forward whole and happy.) (That, by the way, is how it’s supposed to work.)

I stand behind these folks in line at the grocery store and, like most shoppers, I frequently find myself surveying what other people eat. I have concluded that the people who pay for their food items with the yellow card seem to survive on steak, potato chips and Little Debbie snack cakes. So..not only are we robbing these human beings of the pride and determination to take care of themselves, we are also promoting their malnutrition and other health problems. (Reader friends, I am absolutely certain that not all beneficiaries of Federal entitlements abuse them, but please bear with me. I’m trying to make a point here.)

I hear federal dollars being sucked down Aberdeen’s sinkhole to the tune of many hundreds of thousands of dollars every year and it enrages me. To know that it happens is every town and city across the Nation sickens me beyond belief. And your president wants to punish my aged mother by cutting her already inadequate income a little more???? (Obama, by the way, solves the problem of old folks by enacting a law which rations health care. A woman of 76 years will probably NOT qualify for treatments which will improve and extend her life. Kill ‘em all off, Barack. Who needs old folks? They don’t pay taxes anymore anyway.)

In his most recent ballyhoo, the current resident of the White House scolded Republicans for not getting on board his “tax the rich to feed the worthless” train. He frames the debate in such a way that nobody is supposed to notice that government is winning the “Nanny War.” Every day more and more Americans find themselves jobless and left with no alternative to becoming burdens upon society. This joblessness is, of course, another result of Obama’s failed economic policy. Or…is it a successful one? If the object of the game is to make EVERYBODY dependent upon government for EVERYTHING, maybe it’s working?

And so it goes. This nation of proud entrepreneurs sees in its future a tax structure which punishes productivity, retards the growth of small businesses and smothers the very spirit which inspired our independence in the first place.

We are doomed.

Founding father Benjamin Franklin is said to have opined, When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” Even if stalwart patriots who have owned and managed businesses (folks like Chris Brown and Ed Mattox, for example) come forward and stand for election, I’m not sure there are non-parasites enough to elect them.

I fear we have passed the tipping point and have commenced the downward slide. Rest in peace, America. I will miss freedom. A lot.

Viki Eggers Mason

July 1, 2011

*With sincere apologies to President Reagan